Monday, September 14, 2009

Addiction Treatment the Right Way

I was doing some research on Addiction Treatements and I came across this article which is about treating alcoholism:

Alcoholism is a circumstance wherein an individual is addicted to alcoholic drinks. It can be stated as a disease that is either inherited or developed from psychological, genetic or social factors. People, addicted to alcoholism, suffer from severe physical or mental issues. An uncontrolled consumption of alcohol can lead to dependence or withdrawal tendencies often damaging or inescapable. Alcoholism treatment is a tough treatment as the addicted person has to be bought back to a sane and normal state of mind. Alcohol treatment programs are an effective way to break the cycle of the alcohol dependence.

Alcohol Rehab centers help you come out of this deadly addiction as it is said that Alcoholism is not just a disease but it kills. A person addicted to alcoholism cannot be alone held responsible for the havoc created in their own lives and lives of the people related to them. The only way to cure this is through understanding, knowledge and alcohol treatment
. You can reach out at Cliffside Malibu a right place to come at the times of such distress. It offers you the best treatment all around, their treatment involves family, group and individualized emotional/psychological therapy and various alternative treatment methods such as Chinese medicine, yoga, equine therapy and acupuncture. For a better treatment at Alcohol Rehab Center of Cliffside Malibu log on at

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Addiction Interpreted in Dance

Addiction - obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence. Watching people including friends and family go through an addiction whether it be drugs, food, or alcohol is truly heartbreaking. I thought what better way to express addiction than to have the video below: