Monday, January 25, 2010

Addictions Passed On

Raising children is hard enough on its own, unfortunately for my friend's daughter it was made twice as hard because of the choices she made.
My friend raised her daughter with all the usual morals every parent tries to. Stay in school, no sex til you're older, say no to drugs. Unfortunately for my friend her daughter didn't follow all of mommies rules.
By 16 she was sleeping around and smoking weed after school with her 'friends'. My friend managed to keep her daughter in school long enough to graduate, and amazingly she graduated with a B average.
But once the child turned 18, mom lost all control. Lauren moved out in with her boyfriend musician, she rarely came home unless they were fighting.
My friend soon discovered Lauren's addiction to Meth. And she pleaded every case under the sun to convince her to quit and get help.
Lauren's lesson was learned the hard way, she got pregnant and when her boyfriend found out he left her. Lauren moved back in with her mom but couldn't kick the habit.
When Lauren was 7months along her mom came home and found her passed out on the living room floor. Lauren had gone into a coma. She gave birth to a baby boy while in her coma.
Lauren didn't wake up until her son was almost 4 months old. She had suffered a stroke which had caused the coma and 2 smaller ones while in it. Her son is going to have a very hard time in school, it has yet been determined just how mentally challenge he will be. But the doctors are hopeful that he will only be slightly hindered by this and be able to lead a fairly normal life. This is because they were able to detox Lauren well before he was born.
As for Lauren, she has lost all sensation on the right side of her face and most of her movement abilities in her arm and leg.
My friend is now caring for both of them, Lauren is seen regularly by a therapist to hopefully gain more mobility so that she may be able to care for her own son. Receiving the proper treatment before pregnancy is most definatly ideal.