Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Opiate Detox

"Cliffside Malibu, an exclusive addiction treatment center overlooking the Pacific Ocean, does indeed offer an opiates detox program proven to work. Our staff of highly trained counselors, therapists and doctors have extensive experience in treating patients who have become addicted to prescription opiates such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, as well as recreational opiates like Heroin. We understand the difficulty and discomfort associated with the initial detox period when treating opiate addictions and have designed the residence at Cliffside Malibu to be as welcoming and comfortable for patients as possible..."(Cliffside Malibu)

"All facts conclude that there is no easy cure nor guarantee that relapse will not occur. The determination of the patient and support through family, friends, physicians or other sources must accompany the detoxification process...the best-documented drug-free treatments are the therapeutic community residential programs" (Addiction Research) and not rapid detox programs which have no proven track record of working as well as having a higher mortality rate its a wonder why these programs have gained so much popularity.

While "with an emphasis on personal attention, Cliffside Malibu’s opiates detox program offers close monitoring of patient progress and individualized treatment. Each patient is assigned to a primary therapist on checking in and that therapist works closely with the patient for the duration of his or her stay. Our supportive clinical staff oversees the opiates detox program, treating each patient to relieve any physical withdrawal symptoms. In addiction to clinical treatment, the opiates detox program includes group and individual therapies –both traditional and alternative- tailored to address any underlying causes for the drug addiction." (Cliffside Malibu)


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