Monday, April 5, 2010

Drug Treatment and Addiction Recovery

It should perhaps go without saying that sober living can only be an effective conduit to addiction recovery if it’s preceded by competent drug treatment. And make no mistake: You can’t beat drug addiction without help. Getting sober means checking yourself into a drug rehab center, and trusting the wisdom of your drug rehab program. At the same time, though, addiction treatment is ultimately only as successful as its patients make it, and your own agency, in sober living and in drug rehab proper, will and must be instrumental in the recovery process.

It’s worth noting here that no two drug rehab programs or drug treatment centers are exactly alike. Before sober living can help you achieve long-term addiction recovery, you’ve got to find a drug rehab facility that’s right for you: a drug rehab facility that can cater to your specific needs, and be mindful of your individual interests. In the fight against drug addiction, anything less than the most intimate drug rehab plan couldn’t ever be good enough.

But how can you know whether a drug rehab center or sober living facility is really interested in safeguarding your best interests? The short answer is that rightness is ultimately a matter of feel: A drug rehab center or sober living facility is the right one for you if it feels like the right one, if you walk through the front entrance and get a sense that you’ve come home.

Of course, that’s a lot of abstraction without much concrete advice. The fact of the matter, really, is that you’ll know the right drug rehab center or sober living facility when you find it. At Cliffside Malibu, we’re in the business of “ah-ha” moments: of taking prospective patients on a tour of our grounds and waiting to see that flash of recognition in their eyes, when they realize they’ve come to what is and could only ever be the “right” place. It is, to the say least, quite an experience. We can only hope we’ll get to share it with you. (article courtesy of Cliffside Malibu)