Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Daily Dose: Eating Disorder Treatment

People often develop an eating disorder by simply dieting. They often believe that if they lose weight they will gain self confidence and feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, that is not what happens. In order to become the person that you are dreaming of being it will require a lot of hard work; you will have to have achievements and successful problem solving skills. There are no short cuts on this road and becoming the kind of person that you dream of being does not happen by being unhealthy. What will happen instead is poor health, severed relationships, being depressed, obsessed, anxious, guilty, and self-loathing. There surely are very many beautiful human beings in this world but what is on the outside is really what is the least important. In order to be successful and filled with confidence you must make a lasting impact on people you meet. You must make a strong physical presence. Be intelligent, funny, and filled with life. Be reliable, confident, strong, and competent. Respect yourself and in turn you will be respected. These are the tools that we will provide you with in our Eating Disorder Treatments, this is our goal. When you have an eating disorder you need to reach out for Eating Disorder Treatment as soon as possible. Here you will be taught how to live healthy and peacefully with yourself and with food. Only qualified health professionals that have experience in eating disorders will be part of your treatment plan. Most of the time, inpatient treatment programs are used as a last resort, but people with eating disorders need to be treated on an inpatient basis. This is the first line approach for treatment in most cases and works even better in the beginning. Most eating disorders do not require hospitalization unless you are unstable medically or show signs of being suicidal. While hospitalization may not be required most people with eating disorders do require constant supervision and extensive treatment.
(Article courtesy of Cliffside Malibu)